The congrego cup is our brands primary mark. Congrego is about bringing teams and clients together and the cup builds on that social thing that we do when we sit down with someone to share our story. 


Three stripes

The primary element of our cup is a derivative of the basic hamburger menu icon. For us, the three stripes are also associated with our three primary entities being teams, clients and contexts - our sections in our menu are tied to these entities.


Wavy top

There is a lot of data that gets pumped into congrego and the key to our platform is that we connect this information and help our users understand it. The wavy top then is a simple stylised chart that represents how we make this information smart and consumable to the user. 



Our wordmark can be used in line with the congrego cup and as well as a stand alone icon to represent our brand. Here we have used a custom typography in lowercase designed to have an approachable friendly style that matches our identity. 



We have chosen Open Sans as our typeface. This font is clear and easy to read and in a heavy information interface, the ability to present things in a clean and clear way is our top priority.